Ryu Jun-yeol receives appreciation plaque from Cultural Heritage Administration “Recognized for his talent donation contributions”

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol was recognized for his contributions by the Cultural Heritage Administration

According to C-JeS Studio on April 10th, Ryu Jun-yeol participated in an exhibition using the “Seven Jeweled Mountain folding screen” through talent donation and received an appreciation plaque from the Cultural Heritage Administration.

ryu jun yeol

This exhibition marks the first digital content production project for overseas cultural heritage undertaken by the Cultural Heritage Administration and the Overseas Cultural Heritage Foundation. It holds special significance as it demonstrates the shared value of cultural heritage between Korea and the United States.

In particular, the appreciation plaque was awarded to Ryu Jun-yeol for his participation in exhibition narration through talent donation, acknowledging his effort.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun-yeol is currently busy with filming for his next work.

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