Goo Hye-sun Reveals Photos From Graduation Ceremony, “I Graduated With The Highest Score”

Actress Goo Hye-sun graduated from Sungkyungkwan University as the student with the highest score

On February 26th, Goo Hye-sun uploaded several photos on her SNS account with the caption, “Graduation ceremony! I got summa cum laude! Thank you… I’m so happy”. The released pictures show Goo Hye-sun showing off her doll-like beauty while holding a university diploma and wearing a graduation cap.

goo hye sun

Earlier on the 14th, the actress informed fans of her graduation on SNS, saying “Finally, I’m going to graduate on the 23rd after a long journey. I’m very happy to write this post and reveal that I’ll graduate with the highest score in the class (Summa Cum Laude), which was what I aimed for”, adding “I will never forget fellow students and the professors of Sungkyunkwan University who helped me achieve small achievements one by one during the time I felt lost. Thank you”.

In addition, Goo Hye-sun also released her graduation photo and report card. The actress’s average score was 4.27 out of 4.5, which is equivalent to 97.7 out of 100.

Meanwhile, Goo Hye-sun entered the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment at Seoul Institute of the Arts in 2003 but she dropped out of school to do broadcasting activities. After that, she was accepted to the Department of Imaging at Sungkyunkwan University in 2011 at the age of 26.

Later, she took time off from school due to her entertainment activities and resumed her studies in 2019.

Source: Nate

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