“I really want to meet him…” Lee Hyo-ri is into “this actor” these days

Singer Lee Hyo-ri revealed herself as a fan of an actor.

Lee Hyori

In the first episode of TVing’s “Seoul Check-in”, which was released on April 8th, Lee Hyo-ri met her colleague Park Na-rae and shared honest talks.

In the video, Lee Hyo-ri listened to Park Na-rae’s worries and gave her sincere advice. After receiving advice from Lee Hyo-ri, Park Na-rae suggested, “Let’s have a drink with Dr. Oh Eun-young someday”. In response, Lee Hyo-ri said, “Good idea. I really want to meet her”.

She continued, “I also want to meet actor Koo Kyo-hwan. The actor and his girlfriend are such a lovely couple. I want to meet them, too. But since I’m a bit shy of strangers, I’m afraid that they might feel uncomfortable”, confessing her admiration for actor Koo Kyo-hwan.

Gwanghwa Koo

Attention is also being paid to Koo Kyo-hwan’s girlfriend. Koo Kyo-hwan’s girlfriend is director Lee Ok-seop and the two have been publicly dating for 9 years. Koo Kyo-hwan is 41 years old and Lee Ok-seop is 36, 5 years younger than him. The couple has already been widely known in the movie industry for their deep relationship of providing great help to each other and being each other’s inspiration. 

Gwanghwa Koo-Lee Ok-seop

TVing’s original program “Seoul Check-in”, in which you can find Lee Hyo-ri’s unexpected Seoul life, is released every Friday at 4 p.m.

Lee Hyori-Seoul Check-in
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