“I love you” Song Joong Ki hugs Lee Sung Min and expresses affection

Actor Song Joong Ki revealed affectionate photos with his “Reborn Rich” co-star Lee Sung Min. 

On December 19th, Song Joong Ki posted two photos on his Instagram account with the sweet caption, “I love you grandfather”.

song joong ki

In the photo, Song Joong Ki can be seen looking at the camera while hugging actor Lee Seung Min tightly. The affection between the two actors draws attention. 

song joong ki

In the same post, Song Joong Ki also published a still cut of him with Lee Sung Min. The two play grandson and grandfather in the ongoing K-drama “Reborn Rich”, and maintain a friendly relationship despite the conflicts between their characters in the series. 

song joong ki

Meanwhile, Lee Sung Min’s character Jin Yang Chul in “Reborn Rich” recently died in the 13th episode. It was also revealed that Jin Yang Chul did not hand down one single penny to his grandson Jin Do Jun (Song Joong Ki), shocking the audience.  

As attention is being drawn to the future events of “Reborn Rich”, the drama will be reaching its penultimate episode on December 24th. The series, which is aired every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM (KST), is expected to conclude on December 25th. 

Source: Nate

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