Hyolyn Explains Her Cross Tattoo On Stomach, “I Underwent Surgery Twice Right After Being Born”

Singer Hyolyn mentioned Song Ji-eun and revealed the behind story of the Cross tattoo on her stomach

On February 19th, the YouTube channel “WERACLE” uploaded a new video featuring the guest appearance of Hyolyn

Revealing that she was a trainee under JYP Entertainment with Park Wi’s lover Song Ji-eun, Hyolyn said, “One day, I turned on YouTube and saw the video in which you publicized your romance with Ji-eun. I was very surprised. People say lovers tend to look like each other. You guys really look alike, so I thought ‘This must be fate’.”


Park Wi was curious about Hyolyn’s Cross tattoo on her stomach. In response, the female singer said, “I was 4.2kg when I was born. At that time, I had a gassy stomach and was put in the incubator right after I was born. I underwent surgery for biliary atresia, which is an incurable disease, and spent my whole infancy in the hospital”, adding “After that, I had intussusception and went through another surgery to cure it because I was too young. I underwent surgery horizontally once and vertically once. Since I was a newborn, the wounds near the surgery area were very big. Everyone looked at me when I went to the public bath with my mom.”


She continued, “It developed stress and complexity because my belly looked so ugly. As I started my activities as an idol, I had to wear clothes that covered my stomach even though I wanted to try various kinds of outfits”, adding “That’s when I came up with the idea of covering it with a tattoo. I spent a long time thinking about it. If you take a closer look at the tattoo, you can see the scars. I feel great that I can show it confidently now. The tattoo eventually became a gift that gave me confidence.”

Source: Daum

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