Hyojin Choi mentions “Street Woman Fighter 2” controversy, “They were a little irresponsible”

Dancer Hyojin Choi talked about tvN’s “Street Woman Fighter 2”

On September 10th, the YouTube channel “Hyojin Choi” uploaded a video titled “[Vlog] Aiki unnie’s housewarming party and Street Woman Fighter 2 feat. No:ze, Lee Jung”. The video shows Hyojin Choi watching the latest videos of “Street Woman Fighter 2” with dancer Aiki.

Watching the part of Sub-Leader Class’s shooting, which caused controversy over directing and attitudes, Hyojin Choi said, “I think they were a little irresponsible. Everyone has a role but…”. It was the scene where Kirsten visited her team member Latrice, who was chosen as the main dancer of the Sub-Leader Class, and helped her with the directing.

hyojin choi

Watching the video together with Hyojin Choi and Aiki behind the camera, No:ze agreed, saying “It’s definitely not just about taking care of team members who are divided into different Classes. Individual competence is also important…” Aiki added, “Even when doing this, they can learn how good they are and whether they can make a good direction or not”.

Meanwhile, the Class Mision song “Smoke”, which was produced by Dynamic Duo, Padi and performed by Dynamic Duo, Lee Young Ji, topped Genie and Melon’s latest chart updates, a week after it was released through Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2”. 

Source: Nate

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