Hyeri Tearfully Confesses Her Feelings On Girl’s Day So-jin’s Wedding Day

Hyeri congratulated Girls’ Day member So-jin on her wedding

On November 19th, Hyeri posted several photos and revealed her thoughts after attending So-jin’s marriage. 

She shared, “‘Hyeri ah, I’m getting married. Can I ask for your congratulations?’. Like yesterday when I felt mixed emotions… Our sister got married today. So-jin unnie has been the prettiest person in the world. I’m giving you the most congratulations in the world!!!! You must live a happy life.”

The released photos show Hyeri, Min-ah, and Yu-ra crying at So-jin’s wedding.

Girls’ Day’s oldest member Park So-jin and actor Lee Dong-ha announced the news of their marriage last month. The two tied the knot earlier on the 19th. The wedding was held privately in Seoul with the attendance of family members, relatives, and close acquaintances.

Meanwhile, Park So-jin made her debut as a member of Girl’s Day in 2010 and gained attention through group promotions for hit songs, such as “Expectation”, “Something”, “Ring Ma Bell”, “Darling”, etc. Later, she turned to acting and has starred in various dramas, such as “Shooting Star”, “Alchemy of Souls”, “Bo-ra! Deborah”, “Delightfully Deceitful”, etc. 

Lee Dong-ha debuted in 2008 through the musical “Greece”. He made his name known to the public through dramas, such as “The World of the Married”, “Hospital Playlist 2”, “Doctor Lawyer”, “Agency”, etc.

Source: Daum

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