Hyeri Reveals Her Student Records, “Dream Job In 5th Grade Of Elementary School Was Doctor?”

Girl’s Day Hyeri released her unexpected student records

On October 6th, Hyeri uploaded a new video titled, “[Revealing first time] Reading Hyeri’s student records!”, on her personal YouTube channel.

Hyeri said,  “I was supposed to show you my house, but I didn’t have time to clean my house, so I’ll be shooting something else today”, adding “So today’s content is reading my student records together”.

Hyeri read her student records from elementary school to high school with her younger sister while eating snacks.

In her fifth grade of elementary school, Hyeri wrote “Singing, dancing, writing and exercising” in the Interests & Specialty section. Her dream jobs at that time were “model and doctor”. Her parents also wanted her to be a doctor back then. In sixth grade, Hyeri said she wanted to be a celebrity, but her parents still wrote “doctor” as their wish for their daughter’s future job. Hyeri’s sister commented, “My sister achieved her dream”.

Throughout her junior high school years, Hyeri always wrote dancing as her hobby and specialty. Hyeri said, “I guess that’s why I did a movie about dancing. Why did I love dancing so much?”.

In the second and third years of her middle school, Hyeri wanted to be a teacher and a stewardess. She was a school president in the first semester of her third year and a vice president in the second semester. Hyeri confessed, “I just raised my hand and volunteered for the position”.


Regarding the teachers’ comments on Hyeri in middle school, they wrote, “She’s bright and straightforward. She’s curious about things around her” (first year), “She’s very active and passionate. She spends a lot of time dancing, but she studies hard, too” (second year), and “She’s honest and energetic. She leads the school events and shows excellent leadership as the president in the first semester. She contributes greatly to the good performance of the class” (third year).

In high school, Hyeri’s dream was to become a celebrity in the first year, an entertainer in the second year, and an actress in the third year, showing her interest in the entertainment industry from an early age.

Meanwhile, Hyeri received huge love from the public after playing Deoksun in “Reply 1988”.

Source: Daum

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