HYBE’s youngest daughter ILLIT, what should they do about live performance criticism?

The controversy over the live performance skills of "HYBE's youngest daughter" ILLIT continues to escalate

Recently, discussions surrounding ILLIT (Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee, Iroha)’s encore live performances have surfaced on online communities and platforms.

The first encore stage in question occurred on SBS MTV’s “The Show” on April 2nd, when they won first place with their debut title song “Magnetic”.

Despite achieving an astonishing record of winning first place on a music show just 8 days after their debut, ILLIT could not avoid criticism for their unstable pitch and shaky vocals during the encore stage, leading to scrutiny of their live performance abilities.

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The video of this encore live performance spread online, fueling debates over ILLIT’s skills.

Netizens expressing negative reactions could not hide their disappointment alongside criticism of ILLIT’s live performance skills. However, considering that they are newly debuted artists, many defended them, attributing any shortcomings to nervousness and tension associated with achieving their first win.

Despite the heated debates over their live performance, ILLIT’s march to the top of the music shows continued. They secured another win on “The Show” and claimed their first trophy on terrestrial music broadcasting on MBC’s “Show! Music Core” on April 13th.

With the intense scrutiny following their first encore live stage, expectations for their subsequent encore stages are naturally high. ILLIT managed to demonstrate their skills live with each encore stage, despite the pressure.

As their confidence in live performances grows with each encore stage and the tension decreases, the buzz around their stable live vocals, especially Minju, has increased, amplifying support for ILLIT.


However, the evaluation of some members’ skills, particularly in vocals, is strict. While some improvement has been noticed, disappointment continues to linger among those disappointed by this time’s controversy, considering ILLIT’s audition survival show-validated skills.

Netizens express reactions such as “It’s disappointing that they debuted with a great song but their skills are lacking“, “They need to rebuild their fundamentals“, “There are doubts about HYBE’s vocal training system“, “Even if they’re a growing group, their starting point in terms of skill is too low“…

Meanwhile, ILLIT officially debuted as HYBE’s youngest girl group on March 25th with the title track “Magnetic” and has been achieving good results on various domestic and international charts.

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