Hwang Jung-min, Im Si-wan, Ahn Jae-hong: Actors Who Perfectly Pulled Off Perverted, Terrorizing And Genius Roles

Beyond appearance change such as hair and weight gain, these actors perfectly pulled off their perverted and terrorizing characters.

Ahn Jae-hong in “Mask Girl”

In Netflix’s original drama “Mask Girl,” Ahn Jae-hong played the role of Jo Oh-nam, an otaku and big fan of BJ (livestreamer) Mask Girl. Ahn Jae-hong’s casting became a “shock” at first. He gained 10 kilograms, faked hair loss to gain synchronization with the original webtoon character. In a famous scene where he confessed to Kim Mo-mi (Lee Han-byul) with an ad-lib, “I love you!” he looked liked he was possessed by the character itself.

Ahn Jae-hong Mask girl

Hwang Jung-min in “12.12: The Day”

“12.12: The Day” is a movie that recently became a box-office sensation in theaters and attracted 10 million audiences. With so many great actors and actresses shining in the movie, the most brilliant role is by far Hwang Jung-min’s, the leader of a private organization in the military and the commander of the security forces, Chun Doo-kwang. Although it is not the first time for Hwang to act as a villain, his shocking passionate acting and visuals captivated viewers.

hwang jung min

After four hours of special make-up, Hwang Jung-min transformed into a bald head “Jeon Doo-kwang,” and performed splendidly, portraying himself as a three-dimensional figure, not just a villain. Hwang’s fans even said, “Our actor has evil spirits.” In response to the audience’s outraged response, Hwang said, “First of all, I’m sorry. Just tell me all the curses.

He also shared a behind-the-scenes look at the special makeup, “I didn’t want the audience to get annoyed while watching the movie. I made quite a few modifications because I thought the role would not stand out if I dressed up perfectly,” Hwang said in a radio appearance. “I felt the power of an actor named Hwang Jung-min wearing a persona named Chun Doo-kwang,” Hwang’s co-star, Jung Woo-sung, said, recalling the moment he saw Hwang.

Im Si-wan in “Boyhood”

Since his debut in the entertainment industry as a member of ZE:A, he has been attracting attention for his bright eyes, clean appearance, and shining visuals. Since then, Im has challenged himself with various characters, from marathoners to terrorists, lawyers, and psychopaths, but in “Boyhood,” Im Si-wan portrayed a different role, which is a bullied genius student named Byung-tae.

Boyhood im si wan

Im Si-wan, who received private lessons for three months to learn to speak in a dialect, later fluently realized his Chungcheong-do dialect in the 1980s. However, he said it would be hard to see him in a character similar to Byung-tae again. When asked about his next movie, he said, “At least I don’t think he’s a real person. I wonder if there will be any other characters other than season 2 of “Boyhood” who can’t even calculate simple arithmetic numbers.” He will appear on season 2 of Netflix’s original “Squid Game.

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