Huening Bahiyyih covered “XOXO” and showed antis she’s not just a “2nd Somi”

Usually called the “2nd Somi,” Huening Bahiyyih made a brave decision to cover Somi’s song and proved herself to netizens.

After officially debuting with KEP1ER, the mixed beauty Huening Bahiyyih has become more and more beautiful and is often compared with Jeon Somi because of her half Korean heritage and Barbie blonde hair.

In terms of visuals, these two female idols are both extremely gorgeous. However, if we compare their talent, it seems that the KEP1ER member is somewhat inferior. She herself has never been praised by netizens for any skills on stage, in stark contrast to her senior who was originally the center of “Produce 101 season 1” and is currently under The Black Label, a subsidiary of BIG3’s YG.

Huening Bahiyyih is called the "2nd Somi" because of her similar visual
Huening Bahiyyih is called the “2nd Somi” because of her similar visual 
When standing next to each other, the two form a Barbie-line with explosive visuals
When standing next to each other, the two form a Barbie-line with explosive visuals

After days of being constantly compared to Somi by netizens, recently, Huening Bahiyyih played big and covered her senior’s hit “XOXO” on television, and the results were unexpected.

Huening Bahiyyh covers the choreography of “XOXO” (by Jeon Somi) on a TV show

Until now, Bahiyyih has always been labeled “incompetent” by antis in terms of both her appearance and talent, and everyone thinks that she debuted only because of her brother’s fame.  But this Somi cover by Bahiyyih gives netizens a different opinion.

The female idol not only performs the choreography of her seniors very accurately, but her expression and charisma are also very attractive.  After watching this clip, maybe anti-fans also have to shut up and not dare to bash Bahiyyih about talent anymore.

On social networks, netizens gave a lot of praise and showed positive reactions for the female idol’s performance.  There is an opinion that Bahiyyih and Somi look very similar, if they stand in the same frame, it will create a legendary Barbie-line scene.

Some netizens suggested that if Rosé was added, they would be the best blonde trio of Kpop. The 3 girls have never publicly interacted with each other in real life, but even just imagining it is enough to understand how explosive the trio’s visuals will be when they appear together one day in the future.

  • Bahi’s dancing skills have been underestimated so far. 
  • At this point, it’s only a matter of time before Somi does dance challenges with Bahi
  • Is Bahi the main dancer?
  • Bahi knows how to play violin, drums, piano and many other musical instruments.  She can also sing and dance very well.  Antifan keeps calling her incompetent, so what is the definition of incompetent?
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