Dispatch suspects T.O.P joins “Squid Game 2” thanks to Lee Jung Jae’s support

In 2014, Lee Jung Jae and Lim Se Ryung’s secret date place was T.O.P’s house in Hannam-dong. The two had a couple meeting at T.O.P’s luxury villa.

Lee Jung Jae and T.O.P are famous brothers in the entertainment industry. The two formed a friendship based on a common hobby. They went to the Hong Kong Art Fair together and drank wine at Lim Se Ryung’s restaurant.

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Lee Jung Jae stepped out to save his younger brother. Lee Jung Jae also sought someone to recruit T.O.P in the past. It ended in failure at that time. But this time, he succeeded.

T.O.P will appear in Netflix’s “Squid Game 2″. It is said that there was Lee Jung Jae’s strong influence. Lee Jung Jae is the main character of “Squid Game 2”. He is totally a keyman.

In fact, “Squid Game 2” is a game that must be played by Lee Jung Jae. He has already asked Netflix for a guarantee of more than $1 million per episode (X13).


Netflix had a lot of fun thanks to “Squid Game”. According to Netflix’s internal documents in October 2021, they earned more than $900 million (about 1.24 trillion won).

From Netflix’s point of view, Lee Jung Jae’s demands cannot be ignored. Lee Jung Jae’s appearance fee alone has to raise more than $13 million. The total amount is close to 20 billion won.

It is a possible game for Lee Jung Jae to seek the rights of an actor with a guarantee. However, putting influence into casting is of a different nature. Besides, the story is completely different if it’s T.O.P.


T.O.P suspended activities in 2016 due to smoking marijuana. He hinted several times that he would retire from the entertainment industry. His contract with YG expired last year, and he also withdrew from BIGBANG last May.

He returned to acting after 7 years. He appeared in “Commitment” (2013), “Tazza: The Hidden Card” (2014) and the Chinese film “Out of Control” (2016).

We asked T.O.P’s side if he participated in an audition or not. They replied, “We can’t give you an answer other than Netflix’s official position.” There is no way to know what fierce competition he went through to win the character.

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Netflix’s double standards are also a problem. Strict standards were applied to celebrities who received public criticism. Before the final judgment of the law, they judged first. Such as “drop out of Hellbound'”, “put off ‘The Match'”, “edit ‘Bloodhounds'”…

However, they treated “Squid Game” differently. We called several times to ask about the reason for the casting, but they avoided contact.

Netflix earned 773.3 billion won in Korea last year. However, the corporate tax paid to Korea was 3.3 billion won, which is suspected of tax avoidance. They always avoid the disadvantages.

Source: Nate

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