How are the “almost members” of Black Pink doing?

After leaving Black Pink, each girl has her own path to develop her career.

As we already knew, Black Pink officially has 4 members: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé. Although there are only 4 members in the group, Black Pink still pulls off all their performances and stages, and each member also has her own attractiveness. However, at the beginning of the group’s debut, many people were shocked because the number of member was much less than expected. At that time, YG had many talented and pretty trainees, some of them even started to be trained in YG at very young age. Yet, these trainees one by one left YG for some reasons.

Euna Kim (Yuna Kim)

Euna Kim is known as one of the most famous YG’s trainees. She was able to appear in the Super Week of Super Star 3. After that, Euna was chosen as a member of Pink Punk, the original name of Black Pink.

However, in 2013, Euna Kim departed from YG Entertainment and went back to school. She revealed the reason for leaving YG with Star News:
At the time, I wasn’t ready spiritually, nor was I ready to sing or dance. I felt that I had no skill. I just had talent. There were so many skilled kids in YG Entertainment so the competition was high. I realized how lacking I was. I wondered if being a singer was the right path for me, and finally I decided that I should go back to school.

After that, Euna Kim didn’t give up on her dream and she came back to Korea, making a debut with a girlgroup named The Ark, a talented group that was recognized with the hit song “The Light”. But this song couldn’t help the group to succeed in the harsh showbiz. Finally, The Ark disbanded, Euna Kim continued her path with her participations in “The Unit” and “Unpretty Rapstar”. Now, she is going to debut soon in a 2-member girlgroup called KHAN. However, her future is still uncertain.

Jinny Park

Just like Euna Kim, Jinny Park used to be one of the member of original Black Pink. She was born in 1998 and was the youngest member in the group. Despite her age, Jinny had a hot body with US&UK styles. Many videos and photos of Jinny were widely shared on the Internet and her 4D personalities attracted many people. Because they were trained together, Jinny and Black Pink members seemed quite close.

However, at the end, Jinny was eliminated from the competition. She left YG in November 2017. At present, she is a contestant of the show “Produce48”. In an interview, Jinny Park revealed that she had practiced with Black Pink members in 2 years, but unfortunately, she couldn’t make the debut with them.

Cho Miyeon

Together with the Jinny Park, Cho Miyeon was supposed to be a member of Black Pink. However, Cho Miyeon’s case is much more unfortunate.

Cho Miyeon was considered to manage to be a final member of Black Pink after many fierce competitions. All the photos of the 5 girls prove this fact. Yet, she was eliminated from the team before making debut. This removal really surprised many people because Miyeon was a pretty and talented trainee.

Many photos of Miyeon and YG’s former trainee Jung Jin Hyung dating in Osaka, Japan were published on social media in August 2015. Korean netizens assumed that this relationship was the reason for Miyeon’s elimination. Currently, she is a member of the rookie group (G)I-DLE – a group that is gaining a lot of popularity.

Park Seoyoung

Park Seoyoung’s departure from YG Entertainment was really regrettable. She had 8 years practicing in this company. After leaving YG, Seoyoung is now a contestant of “Produce48”. Many people think that Seoyoung was removed from Black Pink because her look was not as pretty as other members’ while YG was trying to find the members that were both pretty and talented.

Jang Hana

Jang Hana became a YG’s trainee after she reached the Top 10 in Kpop Star 3. In this competition, YG made a lot of effort to help Jang Hana and recruit her as a trainee.

However, after becoming YG’s trainee, Jang Hana couldn’t make a debut immediately, she had to practice for 4 years more. She was also a trainee within Pink Punk project at the beginning. In March 2017, Hana confirmed to leave YG Entertainment after 4 years of training. Until now, Kpop fans still don’t know much about Jang Hana’s future plans.

Kim Eunbi

With her bold look and music talents, which were discovered through Super Star K2, Kim Eunbi became a YG’s trainee. YG-stans were really looking forward to her debut.

YG used to introduce Eunbi as a potential member for the company’s new girlgroup. However, in October 2014, the company confirmed that Eunbi had left YG because her health was not good enough. Currently, Kpop fans are not sure whether or not Kim Eunbi will continue to follow her music path.

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