Hong Kong experts speculate, “270,000 people might suffer from PTSD from the tragic Hong Kong concert accident”

Local experts said that hundreds of thousands of people would suffer trauma due to the recent tragic incident at a Hong Kong concert.

On July 28th, a 600kg LED monitor screen fell from the ceiling to the stage during the concert of boy group Mirror and injured two dancersa. One of the two dancers in critical condition still cannot wake up after surgery. 

Idol Concert HK

Meanwhile, local experts analyzed that the accident could bring post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to about 270,000 people, including the audience at the concert hall. Accordingly, many netizens said that they felt negative emotions and couldn’t help thinking of the accident at the concert whenever they look at boy group Mirror’s advertisements and photos of Mirror members.  

According to a report by Hong Kong media HK01 on August 4th, the Hong Kong Post-accident Counseling Psychological Association met about 100 people who showed PTSD symptoms, such as nightmares, insomnia, loss of appetite, rise in blood pressure, and chest pain, after the accident. Based on the PTSD rate after a big accident in Asia, local experts estimated that 270,000 people (about 33.5%) of those who encountered the accident would suffer from PTSD.

idol concert HK

The crashing scene at Mirror’s concert hall caused a great shock to many people as the full video without being censored spread quickly online at the time of the accident. This means not only the audience at the concert who directly witnessed the accident but those who saw it through online posts are also affected a lot.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, where the seriously injured dancer Mo Lee Kai-yin, announced to Hong Kong media that the dancer is in intensive care after two cervical surgeries and he is still at high risk of paralysis of his entire body after recovery.

Source: Dispatch

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