Hitting 100M views on YouTube, BLACKPINK Lisa broke the record held for 9 years by PSY

Another record that Lisa has set makes her fans proud.

On the morning of September 12, Lisa’s LALISA MV officially reached 100 million views displayed on YouTube.  Thus, it took LALISA only 2 days, 1 hour, and 9 minutes to reach this huge view milestone.

This achievement helps Lisa temporarily break the 9-year record of MV Gentleman (PSY), becoming the fastest solo artist to reach 100 million views. Previously, it took Gentleman 2.8 days to reach 100 million views. Although YouTube has yet to confirm the precise number, Lisa must have been overjoyed with the achievement she got thanks to the overwhelming support of her fans.

If considering all the MVs of all artists around the world (including groups), Lisa also excellently ranked 6th, losing to a series of other products from BTS and her own group, BLACKPINK.  

Top 10 fastest MVs to reach 100 million views in the world:

  1. Butter – BTS (0.9 days)
  2. Dynamite – BTS (1 day)
  3. How You Like That – BLACKPINK (1.4 days)
  4. Boy With Luv – BTS ft.  Halsey (1.6 days)
  5. Ice Cream – BLACKPINK ft.  Selena Gomez (1.7 days)
  6. LALISA – Lisa (2.05 days)
  7. Permission To Dance – BTS (2.1 days)
  8. Life Goes On – BTS (2.1 days)
  9. Kill This Love – BLACKPINK (2.6 days)
  10. Gentleman- PSY (2.8 days)

Congratulations Lisa and Blinks!

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