Here is a brief review for anyone who is thinking about watching IU & Park Seo Joon’s new film “Dream”

Reporters gave a review on the new movie “Dream” by director Lee Byeong Hoon.

“Dream” is a movie about conceptless former football player Hong Dae (Park Seo Joon) and passionless PD So Min (Lee Ji Eun) challenging impossible dreams with a national football team of homeless people. The plot is based on the true story of the Homeless World Cup in 2010.


Hong Dae is a soccer player whose mother is facing fraud charges. Therefore, he ends up assaulting a reporter who keeps asking questions about his mother at an official event. Feeling inferior to other talented fellow players, he decides to quit football and starts anew as a celebrity.

What Hong Dae needs at this point is to clean up his image. He has to change public opinion to begin his entertainment career. To do that, Hong Dae joins hands with passionless documentary PD So Min and unexpectedly becomes a football coach for the Homeless World Cup.


For So Min, who leads her own documentary production, the dramatic factor was very essential because the probability of success is higher with topics that easily go viral. Therefore, she selects individuals who have unique stories to tell, rather than just players with amazing football skills, as players for her team.

The main characters of the homeless football team are old boy Hwan Dong (Kim Jong Soo), who used to be a decent company CEO; Hyo Bong (Go Chang Seok), who is going to spend a month with her daughter before she goes study abroad with her foreign stepfather; Beom Soo (Jung Seung Gil), who loves a woman with intellectual disabilities; In Seon (Lee Hyun Woo), who lost his reliable friend; Moon Soo (Yang Hyun Min), who looks tough but is sensitive inside; and Young Jin (Hong Wan Pyo), who hides many secrets. In addition, the club’s secretary general Hwang In Guk (Heo Joon Seok) is the person who always cheers on the team members who had never kicked the ball.


The soccer player who reluctantly becomes the coach of the national team and the passionate PD who is only interested in the success of the documentary also participate in the story. In fact, the ending is quite predictable. At first, Hong Dae and So Min are not particularly interested in the players for their own reasons, but they gradually develop affection for the team after getting to know the members’ stories.

Even the players, who didn’t have much hope for football matches, change their attitudes towards this sport thanks to Hong Dae and So Min. They become like family members who support each other sincerely. The disadvantage of such an obvious storyline is that viewers can easily guess how the developments will unfold.


The way director Lee Byeong Heon excessively reuses old materials also hinder viewers’ immersion. Names of characters in his previous films “Twenty”, “What a Man Wants”, “Be Positive” and “Be Melodramatic”, such as Jin Joo, Beom Soo, Hwan Dong, Hong Dae, So Min, Hyo Bong, etc., also appeared in “Dream”. In addition, the appearance of many actors who worked with director Lee in “Be Melodramatic”, including Jung Seung Gil, Heo Jun Seok, Bae Ji Won, Kim Myung Joon, Han Jun Woo, and Yoon Ji On, reminds viewers of the old work instead of focusing on the current movie.

The relationship between So Min and Hong Dae also leaves a regret. IU and Park Seo Joon’s bickering scenes in the public script reading video uploaded online prior to “Dream” premiere raised viewers’ expectations for the film, but that was all. 


On the other hand, the acting performances of such amazing actors are very impressive and admirable. Although the story is expected, it still makes the audience laugh, and even though you know some scenes will aim for tears, you still end up crying. In addition, director Lee Byung-hun’s unique way of expressing the character’s emotions with seemingly monotonous but subtly intense lines, adds to the fun of watching.

The good points about this movie are that it highlights the existence of the Homeless World Cup and it tells a heartwarming story for all family members to enjoy together. However, if you want some explosive fun and interesting scenes, well, there wouldn’t be much. Therefore, many people are looking forward to seeing whether “Dream”, which shows clear advantages and disadvantages, will be able to captivate moviegoers in May, the month of family.

“Dream” is set to premiere on the 26th. Its running time is 125 minutes.

Source: Wikitree

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