HERA’s new lipstick collection in collab with BLACKPINK Jennie is coming? Jennie updated her recent status 

HERA will soon launch a new lipstick collection in collaboration with Jennie (BLACKPINK)?

On the 17th, Jennie mentioned the cosmetics brand HERA on her Instagram story, writing “Fun OO shooting”. In the photo, Jennie is smiling with her arms wide open in a space filled with black and pink balloons. The female idol wears a blue shirt and denim shorts. She scores points for her stylish outfit with a necklace.

Immediately after the photo was posted, the attention of BLINKs turned to the balloons behind Jennie. Specifically, a pink balloon with the words New Lipstick with Jennie sparked speculation that this cosmetic brand is about to launch a new collection in collaboration with Jennie.

In 2019, Jennie became one of HERA’s ambassadors. Jennie’s impact helped HERA achieve huge profits. After 14 months of launch, the Hera Black Foundation line, represented by Jennie, sold more than 4.3 million products, earning a total of 213.7 million USD. In February 2019, HERA also collaborated with Jennie to launch the Red Vibe collection and received a lot of attention. Therefore, fashion fans have high expectations for the next collection that Jennie works with HERA.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, to which Jennie belongs, is scheduled to make a comeback in August. According to the agency YG Entertainment, they plan to shoot a music video this month and release a new song in August.

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