“Soulmate” actress Jeon So Nee comments about Kim Da Mi, “She’s a smart actress”

Actress Jeon So Nee revealed her feelings about working with Kim Da Mi and Byun Woo Seok.

Jeon So Nee had an interview with Wikitree at a cafe in Palpan-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on March 9th ahead of the release of the movie “Soulmate”.

Soulmate” tells about two friends, Mi So and Ha Eun, who recognized each other from their first meeting, sharing everything from joy, sorrow, and excitement to longing with Jin Woo. It is based on the 2017 Chinese film “Soul Mate”. In this film, Kim Da Mi appears as Mi So, who has a free-spirited soul, Jeon So Nee plays Ha Eun with an elegant charm, and Byun Woo Seok portrays Jin Woo, who tries to protect Mi So and Ha Eun’s friendship.


Mentioning Kim Da Mi during the interview, Jeon So Nee poured out compliments, saying “She’s a smart actress. She does not automatically reject or accept different opinions than her own when encountering them. Instead, she listens to the other person’s stories with a clear understanding of her own thoughts. Kim Da Mi is a person who accurately determines her direction and has everything sorted out before acting in a project”. She added, “I learned a lot from her. I received healthy stimulations that I should not let my heart lead my action and do anything impulsively.”

Through this movie, the two became close friends. In this regard, Jeon So Nee shared, “Before the shooting started, when I had doubts about my role and wondered if Ha Eun and Mi So would understand each other better, I could trust and seek advice from Kim Da Mi”. The actress smiled and emphasized, “She could empathize with me and was a partner who made me believe that ‘if this friend says so, it’s probably true’.”


Regarding Byun Woo Seok, who made his debut on the big screen through “Soulmate”, Jeon So Nee said, “He initiated the conversations and asked lots of questions. During the shoot, he would ask, ‘How about doing it this way?’ and we would film several takes”. She also expressed satisfaction, saying, “He had many concerns about how to express every single word or action for Jin Woo. He shared everything with us while acting. It felt great that we could complete the project together.”

Meanwhile, “Soulmate” will premiere on the 15th of this month.

Source: Wikitree

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