B.I. donated all of his music income to aid women in Zambia, Africa following being sentenced to probation

B.I, a former member of iKON, gave all of the proceeds from his music products after being sentenced to probation for acquiring drugs.

On September 17, B.I’s agency, IOK COMPANY announced that B.I had donated all the profits from his 2nd music project to the emergency relief project “Basic For Girls” through World Vision, an international organization (NGO) for relief and development.

In addition, B.I has decided to conduct a “monthly donation project” to continue donating with all the profits generated from his copyrights and music products in the future.


The donations to World Vision will include his copyright revenues, digital and physical album sales, and profits from other music content generated after the releases of his albums.

B.I released his donation project album “LOVE STREAMING” in March and his first solo full album “WATERFALL” in June. It is reported that he already donated all the profits of these album sales.

B.I’s donation will be used for the “Basic For Girls” project. This is a project to improve the poor environment in Zambia, Africa, by constructing restrooms to protect women’s human rights and providing sanitary napkins for women.

In the future, B.I plans to donate his music and copyright profits for the 3rd and 4th times and deliver his warm heart to more difficult regions in Korea and also in foreign countries even until 60 years after his death.

An IOK official stated, “The fact that B.I continues to make donations means to express his true self-reflection and his looking back on himself. We hope people will generously accept B.I’s heart that he wants to become a helpful person for this society.”

On September 10, B.I was sentenced to 4 years of probation for violating the Narcotics Act at the sentencing hearing held at the Seoul Central District Court.

B.I was accused of buying LSD from A between April to May 2016 and administering some marijuana.

After the case of B.I broke on in late 2019, he left iKON and terminated his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

Later on, he was appointed as the youngest executive director of IOK COMPANY in October last year and released a solo album in June.

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