“Her ribs are showing” IVE Jang Wonyoung draws concerns for her paper-thin physique 

Netizens are expresing concerns about the health status of IVE member Jang Wonyoung

Recently, various online communities have been flooded with concerned netizens, who leave comments regarding Jang Wonyoung’s current status. 

In particular, worries intensified about Jang Wonyoung’s appearance on IVE’s MCountdown “After LIKE” stage, which was recently released on the official YouTube channel of Mnet. 

The video shows Jang Wonyoung dancing with a double ponytail, but as her body was skinny, the female idol’s ribs can be seen, drawing attention.

Here, overseas netizens expressed concerns about Jang Wonyoung’s health status and wrote comments like, “She’s so skinny, I’m worried”, “I known she wants to look perfect, but seeing her like this makes me feel so guilty”, “Health should come first”, and “I hope she doesn’t put pressure on herself to remain thin”. 

Many fans also brought up a past remark of Jang Wonyoung about her physique, where the female idol said, “People didn’t know how I was managing everything. They’d say I don’t gain weight even if I eat, and think I have a different constitution, but everyone will be surprised when they learn how I maintain my body.” To them, this suggests a worrisome situation. 

Regarding the situation, Korean netizens also agree, showing reactions such as, “She’s still underage, but she already looks like that…”, “It’s bizarre to hear people praising Wonyoung when she’s starving herself to keep her body skinny”, “Wonyoung, please eat a lot”, “She has always been skinny, but now it has gotten worse.”

On the other hand, Jang Wonyoung’s group, IVE, released their 3rd single “After LIKE” on August 22nd, and recently achieved a perfect-all-kill by topping all major domestic charts, prving their sensation-level popularity. 

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