Han Sohee’s Revealed Drama Paycheck Sparks Controversy and Stirs Comparison with Suzy and IU

How much K-drama actresses get paid has become a hot topic recently. It started when reports revealed that actress Park Eun Bin asked for a whopping 300 million won per episode. Now, Han Sohee has found herself under the public’s scrutiny.

han so hee

On February 1, VOI reported that a producer revealed that Han Sohee receives 200 million won per episode for her role in Netflix’s original series “Gyeongseong Creature,” where she stars alongside Park Seo Joon. This revelation instantly set Korean social media abuzz.

Netizens express their surprise at Han Sohee’s current pay grade. Some even compare her to Suzy and IU: “If Han Sohee is getting 200 million won, then Suzy and IU must be receiving around 500 million won, right?” “Compared to Park Eun Bin’s 300 million won, Han Sohee’s 200 million won is even more surprising.”

However, the majority of netizens seems to understand Han Sohee’s high pay, highlighting the actress’s strong influence both domestically and internationally: “Han Sohee has become one of the top Hallyu actresses abroad. She’s gaining a lot of international fans, so 200 million won makes sense,” “All Han Sohee’s dramas are popular overseas and she has many followers too. What’s the issue with a 200 million won paycheck?”

Source: k14

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