Han So-hee Adds Two More Piercings Below Eyes: ‘Tried It for the First Time’

Actress Han So-hee shared her recent update

On the 25th, Han So-hee conducted a live broadcast through her own SNS. During the broadcast, Han So-hee had a time to communicate with her fans, discussing today’s TMI (Too Much Information) and listening to their concerns.

While sharing stories, Han So-hee mentioned, “I’m a bit hesitant in my speech due to swelling from the piercing.”

Han So-hee recently made headlines by revealing that she got a piercing on her lips. During the live broadcast, she also showed that she added two more piercings under her eyes.

Han So Hee, who is taking a break after completing a drama filming, shared, “I can take the piercings off when I work. I got piercings because I had never done that before. If the piercings are helpful for my work, I’m thinking about not taking them off”, adding “I heard having piercings for a long time would leave scars, which will have to be erased in another physical way. I’m not so worried about scars”.”

Meanwhile, in December, Han So-hee is set to appear as the lead role alongside Park Seo-joon in the Netflix drama series “Kyeongseong Creature” Season 1.

Source: nate

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