Han Ji-min “Shin Ha-kyun told me to stop eating… I ate snacks even when filming emotional scenes”

Han Ji-min revealed an anecdote with Shin Ha-kyun.

On Oct 14th, a magazine posted a video titled “‘Yonder’ Shin Ha-kyun X Han Ji-min, what is this visual combination?! Go and enjoy their bickering chemistry moments” through their official channel.

In the video, Shin Ha-kyun and Han Ji-min conducted “My Profile By You” in which they write each other’s profile.

Han Ji-min Shin Ha-kyun

Han Ji-min said, “You have 5 trademark wrinkles, but I drew only 3 of them.”

She then chose “You’re eating again? Stop eating” as the words that Shin Ha-kyun told her the most often.

Shin Ha-kyun was bewildered and denied, “I didn’t tell you to stop eating…” He explained, “Ah, you’re not picky, you eat well because you have such a good appetite. It looks good.”

Han Ji-min Shin Ha-kyun

Han Ji-min admitted, “When we ate together in the food truck, I often said, ‘Go first. I’ll eat one more time.’” Shin Ha-kyun replied, “You ate a lot.”

Han Ji-min Shin Ha-kyun

In addition, Han Ji-min recalled, “I had to film an emotional scene up close. It was a scene in which I shed tears. Earlier, I ate snacks again. You looked at me sadly, but as soon as the director shouted ‘Cut!’, you said, ‘You ate snacks, right?‘” Shin Ha-kyun revealed, “I laughed a lot since it wasn’t just a snack. It had one black sesame on it.”

Besides, Shin Ha-kyun shared, “My first impression of her is that she was like a baby. It’s not like that now. Sister?” Han Ji-min burst into laughter, “Like a sister? Is it okay to do an interview like this?”

Han Ji-min Shin Ha-kyun

Unlike Han Ji-min, Shin Ha-kyun wrote everything shortly. Han Ji-min expressed her sadness, “You’re not really sincere. I didn’t expect it to be long. That’s too much. You don’t have any questions for me. I’m disappointed.”

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