Han Hyo-joo Admires Visuals Of Japanese Customers Who Resemble Justin Bieber & Timothée Chalamet

Actress Han Hyo-joo was surprised by the handsome appearances of Japanese customers 

Episode 7 of tvN’s entertainment program “Unexpected Business”, which aired on December 7th, showed bosses Cha Tae-hyun & Jo In-sung continuing to operate their Korean mart in the US with part-time workers Han Hyo-joo, Im Joo-hwan and Park Kyung-rim.

On the broadcast, Park Kyung-rim was shocked to see the handsome visuals of two Japanese brothers when they came to the checkout counter. 

Looking at the face of the Japanese customer’s second son, she exclaimed, “You’re so handsome. You really look like Justin Bieber”. Standing next to Park Kyung-rim, Han Hyo-joo also commented, “Both of you are so handsome. How can you guys be so handsome?”.

When the brothers said they had recently traveled to Korea, Han Hyo-joo immediately asked, “How was it? What were the best dishes you tried?”, showing her interest in their Korean trip. 

After the Japanese customers left the mart, Park Kyung-rim and Han Hyo-joo continued to pour compliments on the Japanese brothers, saying “They look like Timothée Chalamet. So handsome”.

Source: Daum

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