Han Ga In, “My eldest daughter is a top 1% gifted child and can memorize everything at once. I couldn’t let her study at regular school” 

Actress Han Ga In revealed her concerns about children’s education.

On December 16th, a video titled “Han Ga In’s eldest title is unexpectedly the top 1%! The reason she was able to become a language prodigy is?” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Oh Eun Young’s Bucket List”.

Han Ga-in

In the video, Han Ga In was seen having a meal with Dr. Oh Eun Young and discussing various topics. The production team asked Han Ga In if she had had a hard time before her marriage. The actress recalled and said, “It was actually after I got married. Coming back home from filming schedules, I shed tears for no reason. Then I saw my husband’s face and my tears poured out even more”. Han Ga In shared, “I worked hard but the result was not good enough and people criticized me, saying ‘She couldn’t do that’. I chose the job to show my face on TV. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have been so depressed”, adding “Even now, I don’t search for my name Han Ga In”.

When Dr. Oh Eun Young asked, “What did you like about Yeon Jung Hoon that made you want to marry him even during your heyday?”, Han Ga In said, “I felt that I could completely rely on him for everything. I wanted to get rid of all the hardships so I decided to get married.”

Han Ga-in

Han Ga In then began to confess her concerns about parenting. Revealing that her children are sensitive because they resemble her, Han Ga In said, “It’s hard to raise kids like that”.

When the production team asked if her eldest daughter is a language genius, Han Ga In said, “It’s true that she’s really smart. She memorizes everything she sees and reads books every day. She reads really fast. I can’t even keep up with her speed. When she turned 40 months old, she had already been able to read Korean and English. I’ve never taught her to read, so I thought I should take her to the institution. It turned out that she belongs to the top 1% of intelligent people.”

Han Ga-in

The actress worriedly said, “I was happy with the news that my daughter is a gifted child. However, the result for her social skills was not really good”. Han Ga In decided to send her daughter to a school where she could study in a small-sized class.

Hearing that, Dr. Oh Eun Young advised Han Ga In, “Don’t try to make her learn ahead of time or teach her things too quickly. Instead, you should strengthen what she is still lacking”.

In response, Han Ga In said, “The problem is that my daughter is having a hard time at school”, adding, “She said she lost interest in classes and didn’t feel the need to study”. Dr. Oh Eun Young said, “School activity should not be considered a knowledge acquisition process only”.

Source: Nate

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