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Han Ga In: “I had a child and lived only as a mother.. my tears didn’t stop” (Sing For Gold)

Personal posters containing the tears and emotions of 5 MCs of SBS show “Sing For Gold” have been released. 

The SBS program “Sing For Gold” recently drew attention by revealing its colorful MC lineup, which include Park Jin Young, Kim Hyung Seok, Han Ga In, Lia Kim, and Lee Moo Jin. In particular, on August 9th, the show released personal posters for each of the hosts, which features their emotions and reviews regarding the show.  

First, the individual poster of music producer Park Jin Young said: “Not everyone has to be a superstar, as this is a choir”. The comment, which shows a different side of Park Jin Young, who is often known for making sharp and touching commentary, makes many people look forward to the show.

Meanwhile, composer Kim Hyung Seok said on his poster: “In a choir, we lean on each other with our voices, understand each other, and comfort each other”, showing the genre distinction between choirs and other music competitions and adding a highlight to “Sing For Gold”, which is Korea’s first “choir battle” show”.  

On the other hand, the poster of actress Han Ga In, who is appearing on an audition program for the first time, read: “I had a child and lived only as a mother… My tears couldn’t stop when I see them singing with their name”, raising curiosity. 

Expectations are high for the upcoming “Sing For Gold” participants as the world-renowned choreographer Lia Kim highly evaluated the show, while famous singer-songwriter Lee Moo Jin left comment regarding a “tremendous aura”.

Among the 5 MCs, Park Jin Young, Kim Hyung Seok, and Lia Kim were named as judges of the show, with Park Jin Young and Kim Hyung Seok being in charge of the musical aspect, and Lia Kim responsible for the performance aspect, which holds the same importance due to the nature of the show. Meanwhile, Han Ga In and Lee Moo Jin will be “managers” – a system unique to “Sing For Gold” – who will send unsparing support to the participants and stay cby their side. 

“Sing For Gold” is scheduled to premiere within September 2022. 

Source: daum

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