Ha Yeon Soo and Lee Seung Gi got angry at provocative media reports

Following singer Lee Seung Gi, actress Ha Yeon Soo expressed anger at provocative media reports.

Earlier, many domestic media outlets reported that Ha Yeon Soo debuted as a gravure model for Japanese magazines. Last year, she was embroiled in rumors that she would become an AV actress in Japan, which further damaged her image.

On April 26th, through SNS, Ha Yeon Soo said that she had never debuted as a gravure model and requested that the contents of the articles be corrected.

Ha Yeon Soo is not the only star who has spoken up about provocative media reports. Recently, Lee Seung Gi also released a statement full of anger.


Lee Seung Gi announced that he had filed a complaint with the Press Arbitration Commission against 5 media outlets that reported the news, saying, “I didn’t know where some journalists and YouTubers had gathered their information, but it’s absolutely groundless.

Mentioning the names of the reporters who wrote articles without fact-checking, Lee Seung Gi expressed his disappointment, “I wish they had called our company to confirm the information before reporting it on the news.

Source: Daum

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