Ha Ji Won expresses her excitement about eating ramen for the first time in the year, “I can eat it today. Yoohoo!”

Actress Ha Ji Won confessed that she eats ramen only twice a year.

On March 24th, Ha Ji Won’s agency HAEWADAL Entertainment uploaded a video titled “Let’s cook together | Tomato-flavored rosemary ramen | Ice cream rice | Shopping | Preparation episode”.

Ha Ji-won

In the video, Ha Ji Won was seen walking to a mart near her house. She said, “I’m going to eat ramen for the first time this year. I’m going to buy ramen”.

The actress added, “I get pimples when I eat ramen, so I really can’t eat it during filming”.

She continued, “Twice a year? I eat ramen like that. Today is the day I can really eat it”, adding “Ramen after 1 year… Yoohoo!!”, drawing laughter.

Ha Ji-won

Later, Ha Ji Won went to the mart to buy ingredients for her own recipe of ramen and started cooking in her office.

In addition, the actress commented, “This is the ramen that appeared in my imagination”. She turned to the staff and said, “If I eat it, I won’t be able to go home. Because it’s too delicious…I might faint”, raising expectations.

Source: Naver

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