NMIXX’s Haewon Expresses Affection For “Dreamers” By BTS’s Jungkook, “I Feel Overwhelmed”

NMIXX’s leader Haewon says the World Cup theme song sung by BTS’s Jungkook made her feel emotional

“20th Century Hit Song” will release episode 205 featuring NMIXX’s Haewon as an intern MC on the evening of March 1st. The NMIXX member is expected to showcase her chemistry with Kim Hee-chul.

On this broadcast, which was organized to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement, “20th Century Hit Song” will make a list of songs that touch the hearts of Korean people. 

nmixx haewon

Ahead of the chart release, Kim Hee-chul askes Haewon about the song that makes her feel overwhelmed when listening to it. In response, the female idol mentions “Dreamers”, the official World Cup theme song sung by BTS’s Jungkook. Haewon confesses, “When I listen to ‘Dreamers’, I feel very emotional”. 

When Haewon reveals her favorite sport, announcer Lee Dong-geun smiles gladly. At this time, Kim Hee-chul comments, “Just say it’s not like that, he’s just asking for your contact”, wrapping up the situation for his junior singer. 

Source: Daum

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