“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3” actor overcame blindness to shine in the acting field

An actor in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” opens up about his blindness and filming experience despite vision loss. 

On May 10th (local time), the American entertainment media outlet, People, reported on an interview with actor Nico Santos.


According to the media, Santos confessed that he is visually impaired, and has lost his vision in his right eye. “I’m visually impaired. I’m blind in my right eye. I actually lost my vision. Around the third or fourth season of Superstore, I had a retinal detachment and complication”, the actor said.

Retinal detachment is a condition where the retina, the innermost layer of the eye, separates from the inner wall of the eyeball, causing the eye to atrophy as nutrient supply to the retina diminishes, resulting in decreased functioning of the vision cells. It is necessary to receive treatment quickly when symptoms appear, as it does not heal naturally.

It has been known that Santos’ condition has worsened to the point of blindness.


According to the actor, he had no choice but to overcome his visual loss, although it was “definitely an adjustment process” that he grieved over. “You can’t let something like that weigh you down and stop you”, Santos emphasized.

At the same time, Nico Santos also conveyed he was encouraged to switch his major, as people thought he’d have no future as an actor. However, after various hardships and considerations, he is actively working in the acting industry, despite his disability.

On the other hand, Nico Santos, a Filipino-American actor, gained recognition for his role in seasons 1 through 5 of the American NBC drama “Superstore”. He also showed his acting skills in the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”.

In the Marvel movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3”, the actor assumes the role of Recorder Theel. 

Source: People, Wikitree

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