Current whereabouts of the boy who won a ski resort dance contest and caught Lee Soo Man’s attention

The little boy who won the ski resort dance contest later became a superstar in Korea. 

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon, who recently announced the renewal of his contract with YG Entertainment following Taeyang’s transfer to The Black Label, raised fans’ expectations by teasing his solo activities in 2023.


G-Dragon conveyed New Year’s greetings and ambitious aspirations for this year’s activities through a video posted on Big Bang’s official SNS on January 1st with the title “G-DRAGON – GUERRILLA DESK: G_Division”.


In the video, G-Dragon said, “I haven’t been able to communicate much. It was a year where I was fully charged in my place. I’m letting you know that I’ll work hard in 2023. I’m planning to greet you through various activities, and I’m also preparing an album.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon was born in 1988 and has reached the age of 34. G-Dragon debuted at the age of 8 after going through a long trainee period of 11 years, 5 years at SM Entertainment and 6 years at YG Entertainment.


Even before his debut, he appeared on the popular program “Bbo Bbo Bbo” in the past. He starred as Little Lula in the music video of Lula, a popular star at the time, and became a hot topic.

Later, while going to a ski resort with his family, G-Dragon accidentally participated in a dance contest and won first place.

Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment, who was in charge of the MC at the dance contest, noticed G-Dragon and recruited him as an SM trainee.


After learning rap at the hip-hop academy run by Jinusean at the time, G-Dragon participated in X-teen’s Lee Hee Sung album and went viral as the ’13-year-old rapper’ at the time.

Lee Hee Sung recommended G-Dragon to audition as a trainee at YG Entertainment, and he eventually joined YG. In 2006, he debuted as the leader of Big Bang.

BIGBANG comeback 2022

Celebrating their 18th year this year, Big Bang has proudly established itself as a K-pop group representing the second generation with numerous hit songs that G-Dragon participated in producing, such as ‘Lies’, ‘Haru Haru’, and ‘Bang Bang Bang’. 

Recently, Big Bang swept the music charts with the release of ‘Still Life’ last April, drawing public attention to their next album in the future.

Source: Daum

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