Jung Hoyeon shows off her close friendship with Hyeri in new Instagram update 

Same-aged friends Jung Hoyeon and Hyeri practiced Pilates together. 

On April 16th, Jung Hoyeon shared a photo of her taking a Pilates class with Hyeri on her Instagram story. The two show off their flexibility by doing side splits while facing each other. Their foreheads are pressed together while they put arms on each other’s shoulders. The Pilates instructor who took the picture added a comment, “Yes, they are real friends.”

Jung ho yeon - Lee dong hwi

Actor Lee Donghwi, Jung Hoyeon’s boyfriend, is known as the reason why Jung Hoyeon and Hyeri got to know each other and started hanging out. Hyeri worked with Lee Donghwi in the tvN drama “Reply 1988.” Hyeri also met her current boyfriend Ryu Junyeol through the filming of “Reply 1988.” The two have been dating since 2017.

jung ho yeon-lee dong hwi

Meanwhile, Hyeri’s latest work is KBS 2TV’s “Moonshine,” which finished its broadcast earlier this year. After “Squid Game”, Jung Hoyeon has been cast in the new Apple TV+ thriller series “Disclaimer,” directed by Hollywood master Alfonso Cuarón

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