“If you come to China once…” GOT7 Jackson lashed out at foreign media for criticizing China during his London concert

GOT7 member Jackson sparked controversy as he fiercely criticized foreign media that pointed out China’s Covid-19 quarantine problem.

Jackson spoke in the face of foreign media at his recent concert in London on January 14th (local time).

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Regarding foreign media that criticized China, Jackson firmly said, “If you travel to China one time, you will not say that”.

Netizens showed mixed responses to Jackson’s sudden praise of China during his concert. 

Chinese netizens poured out compliments for Jackson’s bold remark, saying “He was cool”, “He’s such a patriotic man”, etc.

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On the other hand, Internet users in other countries showed opposite reactions, saying “We cannot let him, his hair color, his clothes, his tattoos, the bottle of alcohol in his hand, and his dirty words appear on the screen”, “You were able to make such remarks because freedom of expression is guaranteed and you can curse in this foreign”, etc.

Jackson debuted as a member of GOT7 in 2014 and he’s from Hong Kong. 


In 2019, he retweeted a hashtag posted on CCTV’s official Weibo account managed by the Chinese Communist Party. The hashtag was created by CCTV to promote “One China Policy”. 

Jackson once sparked controversies when he emphasized nationality with a rude attitude. In response to Korean fans who greeted him in Korean, Jackson said “I’m Chinese. Okay?”.

Jackson established the private studio “Team Wang” in China in 2017 and has been carrying out activities in both China and Korea. 

Source: Insight

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