Go Min Si “I like short hair more than long hair now”

Actress Go Min Si confessed that she wanted to film a melodrama.

On August 7th, Go Min Si’s interview video was uploaded on Cosmopolitan Korea’s official YouTube channel.

The video showed Go Min Si answering questions. When asked about her recent status, Go Min Si said, “I filmed ‘Sweet Home 2’ and ‘Sweet Home 3’. I’m currently filming contents to promote the movie ‘Smugglers’. I’m also working hard on my next work.”

Regarding her favorite hairstyle, she confessed, “I used to like long hair very much. Since I did it for a long time, I wanted to change a little bit. At that time, I was filming ‘Sweet Home’ 2 and 3. I cut my hair short. It was so awkward at first. But as I gradually got used to it, I like short hair much better now.”

To the question “Romantic comedy heroine vs. Killer with no blood or tears. What would you choose for your next work?“, she replied, “I want to try a melodrama now. These days, I want to film a melodrama, so I’m waiting to be able to greet you through a good melodrama character.”

On the other hand, Go Min Si’s film “Smugglers” revolves around an action crime of haenyeo who gets caught up in smuggling against the background of a peaceful small sea village. The cumulative number of moviegoers exceeded 3.5 million in the second week of its release.

Source: Daum

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