Go Ara discussed reunion dinner of “Reply 1994” cast members after 10 years

On June 22nd, Go Ara conducted various interviews with several media outlets at a café in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, to commemorate the release of director Park Hoon Jung’s film “The Childe”.

reply 1994

In the film “The Childe”, Go Ara portrayed the character Yoon Ju, who becomes involved with a boxer named Marco (played by Kang Tae Joo) due to a traffic accident in the Philippines.

On this day, Go Ara shared a behind-the-scenes story of “The Childe” casting.

“After finishing my last project, many things happened, and when it had been over a year since I finished my last work, director Park Hoon Jung contacted me”, the actress said, adding, “An acting career allows me to experience many professions. It was a continuous process of contemplation. I wanted to show a different side of myself, and that’s when I met ‘The Childe’.”

reply 1994

Regarding the tvN drama “Reply 1994“, which is considered one of her representative works, Go Ara said, “It has already been 10 years,” and expressed her desire to do anything.

According to Go Ara, the “Reply 1994” team stays in touch comfortably. The actress also revealed that at the beginning of the year, she took the initiative and said she wanted to see everyone, so the cast members gathered. 

“It was great to see everyone after a long time, and I want to meet them again”, Go Ara said, expressing fondness.

In fact, back in January, Go Ara posted a photo on her official Instagram account, showing a reunion dinner of complete cast members of “Reply 1994” along with director Shin Won Ho, displaying their unwavering friendship.

The revealed photo included actors Go Ara, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Woo, Kim Sung Kyun, Son Ho Jun, Cha Seon Woo (Baro), Min Do Hee, and director Shin Won Ho, eliciting cheers from fans.

reply 1994

Although it has been 10 years since the drama’s broadcast in October 2013, fans who saw the photo of the “Reply 1994” team, who still maintain an unchanging friendship, expressed their envy and requested a comeback.

At the time of the reunion dinner, former B1A4 member Baro also posted a photo of the gathering on his Instagram and reminisced with the caption, “It has already been 10 years.”

Meanwhile, the tvN drama “Reply 1994” received a lot of love from viewers as it perfectly depicted its setting of the year 1994, which include the tearful college life, basketball competitions, and social sensations such as Seo Taiji and Boys.

Source: Insight

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