G-Dragon Will Collaborate With NewJeans?

BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon shocked K-pop fans with his unexpected interaction with the HYBE girl group NewJeans

On April 20th, G-Dragon uploaded on his SNS account a photo of his cat. What caught the eyes of netizens was that the rabbit doll next to the cat looked similar to the rabbit merchandise of the girl group NewJeans

Knowing G-Dragon rarely interacts with junior girl groups, netizens raised speculations over G-Dragon’s collaboration with the HYBE girl group because of this unexpected interaction. Coincidentally, both G-Dragon and NewJeans are planning for their upcoming comebacks this year.

g-dragon newjeans cat

NewJeans already announced their comeback date and Japanese debut with the first fanmeeting in Tokyo Dome in May and June. In the case of G-Dragon, he will return to the K-pop race at the end of 2024 with a new album. He is also planning to hold a world tour after releasing the album.

Recently, NewJeans has grown a lot and received a lot of favorable reviews for their music from senior singers. In particular, the youngest member Hyein even featured in the song “Sh…” by IU. As such, the possibility of NewJeans working with G-Dragon is also very high.

Although it’s just a speculation, many K-pop fans are already excited about a brand new collaboration between NewJeans, a young girl group with a refreshing style, and G-Dragon, known for his unique music. 

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