G-Dragon Owns 3 High-End Apartments Worth 47.6 Million USD? 

Big Bang’s G-Dragon’s wealth has come under the spotlight as the male idol purchased a new real estate property

According to the real estate industry, G-Dragon recently acquired a unit in the Wonder Cheongdam 13-story building in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The unit is a single-floor structure with a floor area of around 250 square meters, and its selling price ranges from 15 billion won (12.75 million USD) to 18 billion won (15.3 million USD). G-Dragon is reported to have paid the full amount without selling his existing apartments.

g-dragon apartment

G-Dragon, known as a multi-home prince, currently owns three high-end apartments. In 2013, he purchased a property in Seongsu-dong for 3.03 billion won (around 2.3 million USD), and in 2021, he bought a penthouse for 16.4 billion won (12.7 million won). The combined value of his three homes is estimated to be around 56 billion won (approx 47.6 million USD).

Apart from real estate, G-Dragon also earns significant profits from copyright fees. He has written and composed the majority of Big Bang and solo album songs, including hits like “Lies”, “Heartbreaker”, and “Crayon”. In 2017 and 2018, he ranked first in the copyright fee category for songwriting. It is estimated that he earned around 1.4 billion won (around 1.2 million USD) annually from this source.

Additionally, G-Dragon owns several high-end luxury cars and operates the fashion brand “PeaceMinusOne”. In the past, he spent about 1 billion won (770,000 USD) on building a pension in Gyeonggi Province as a gift for his parents. The prices of interior items in his home, such as a 12 million won mirror (around 10,000 USD) and a 71 million won shelf (around 55,000 USD), have also drawn attention.

On October 25, G-Dragon was investigated without detention on charges of violating drug control laws. The male idol, however, refuted ever using substances, and has since received a negative result in a preliminary urine test.

On November 10, G-Dragon’s legal representative refuted allegations of shaving and bleaching his hair before a drug test, stating, “G-Dragon has not dyed or bleached his hair for about 1 year and 5 months.”

Source: Nate

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