Ma Dong-seok to Hold Wedding with a 17 Years Younger Actress in May? 

Movie star Ma Dong-seok will hold his wedding with Ye Jung-hwa, an actress 17 years younger, in May this year. 

According to media outlet StarToday on April 8, Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa will hold their wedding on May 25 at their home in Seoul. 

The wedding will be attended by family and friends, and it is reported that whether the wedding will be made public or not is still under consideration, as Ma Dong-seok is well-connected.

Ma Dong-seok, who has been in a public relationship with Ye Jung-hwa, an actress who is 17 years younger, since 2016. The two officially became a legal couple after filing for marriage in 2021. At an award ceremony in 2022, Ma Dong-seok mentioned Ye Jung-hwa as his wife, revealing this fact and receiving congratulations. 


At that time, due to COVID-19 and busy schedules, Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa were unable to hold a wedding ceremony. Now, they will finally have their wedding in the beautiful month of May. 

According to an official, Ma Dong-seok will complete his work on major projects, including Hollywood projects, and then hold the wedding. With the release of “The Roundup: Punishment” (the 4th installment of “The Roundup”) scheduled for April 24, it is expected to be a busy period for the male actor.

On the other hand, Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa have overcome their 17-year age difference since their public relationship began in 2016 and became a married couple. In the same year, they showed their strong affection by attending the world premiere of the movie “Eternals” (2021) together in Los Angeles. Recently, they also attended the promotion schedule for “The Roundup: No Way Out” in Japan.

Source: Daum

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