G-Dragon, discharged from the military to be hospitalized for 15 days: “For ankle treatment”

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon has confirmed to have been hospitalized and discharged to treat his right ankle. This is not the first time he has to seek treatment in the millitary, which left fans concerned.

According to hospitals and the Army, G-Dragon reportedly complained about the pain in his right ankle before joining the military. Finally, he was diagnosed with ankle instability in May and underwent surgery at a hospital in Seoul.

After that, G-Dragon was hospitalized at Pocheon Hospital in Gyeonggi Province on July 12. After 15 days in the hospital, he was discharged on the 27th.

G-Dragon’s case is named Anaphylaxis which is a condition in which the ankle is sprained repeatedly within three to six months. In particular, it is a condition in which ankle ligaments recovered from unstable conditions can not function properly and fall easily.

When G-Dragon‘s operation was announced, YG Entertainment denied the rumor of a public interest transfer, saying he would return to his unit after surgery.

However, G-Dragon was mired in controversy in June when he was reportedly hospitalized in the two main hospitals of the South Korean military. One media reported that G-Dragon was using a single room called “Colonel’s Room” where he spent 20 days after he was deployed on April 5.
Attention is focusing on how G-Dragon, who left the South Korean military hospital and returned to the military base, will end the controversy surrounding him.

Sources: Naver

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