From Seventeen, IVE to BOYNEXTDOOR, RIIZE “Big clash of ‘strong monsters’ in the music industry in April”

"Strong monsters" are coming to the music industry in April

From album king Seventeen to digital queen IVE, 5th-generation representatives like BOYNEXTDOOR and RIIZE, along with HYBE’s Zico and SM Entertainment’s NCT Doyoung are stepping up with their respective agencies’ prestige on the line. The attention is on how those with large fandoms will impact the music scene in April.

◇ “Who is stronger?” Album king Seventeen vs. digital queen IVE, simultaneous sortie on April 29th


Seventeen, whose cumulative domestic album sales exceeded 16 million last year, will release their best album “17 Is Right Here” on April 29th, aiming to break records once again. IVE, known as the digital queen, will release their second mini-album “IVE Switch” on the same day. Both artists have achieved significant success in the past and are anticipated to make waves again.

◇ RIIZE vs. BOYNEXTDOOR, a showdown of 5th-generation boy groups

RIIZE set the theme of all activities related to their June first mini-album comeback as “HUSTLE” and started the preheating process by releasing new songs consecutively in April. On April 15th, their “5th-generation rival” BOYNEXTDOOR will return. Their second mini-album “HOW?” is an album that marks the finale of their “First Love Story Trilogy”, which they have been working on since their debut single.

nct doyoung

◇ From “10th anniversary” Zico to NCT Doyoung’s solo debut, a competition of pride between HYBE and SM’s senior and junior

Zico, celebrating his 10th debut anniversary this year, aims to make a comeback at the end of April. Although the album is still under wraps, it’s known that BLACKPINK Jennie participated in his new song, attracting attention for their collaboration. Meanwhile, NCT Doyoung will release his first solo album “YOUTH” on April 22nd, raising expectations for his solo venture after various activities with NCT and unit NCT DoJaeJung last year.

A music industry insider commented on the phenomenon of major artists making a comeback in April, stating that while newly debuted 5th-generation girl groups are showing strength in terms of digital, they have not gained mass popularity like NewJeans and IVE. The insider also noted that spring season songs are not making much of an impact on the charts this year, making it crucial to see who will pre-occupy the empty spot.

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