From BTS to New Jeans, HYBE idols named in Rolling Stone and NME’s “Best Songs of the Year” 

Songs by HYBE Labels artists prove their global influence by being named “Best Songs of the Year” by foreign media.

On December 5th (local time), in the “TOP 100 Best Songs of the Year” announced by Rolling Stone, an American music magazine, New Jeans‘ “Hype boy” ranked No.24, SEVENTEEN’s “HOT” ranked No.38, BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut” ranked No.68, LE SSERAFIM’s “ANTIFRAGILE” ranked No.75, and Psy’s “That That” in collaboration with BTS’s Suga ranked No.93. 

On the same day, the British music magazine NME’s “Best Songs of the Year TOP50” included New Jeans’ “Hype boy” (No.26), LE SSERAFIM’s “Impurities” (No.44), and TXT‘s “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go” (No.49). 

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New Jeans’ debut song “Hype boy” entered both Rolling Stone’s “TOP 100 Best Songs of the Year” and NME’s “TOP 50 Best Songs of the Year”, recording the highest ranking for a K-pop song. Rolling Stone said, “‘Hype boy’ stands out from the debut album with its addictive choreography and easy-to-remember chorus. Many K-pop artists have covered the dance of ‘Hype boy’ at various events and concerts, which proves that New Jeans is a trend.” NME wrote, “At a time when many pop groups pursue similar sounds and styles, the debut of New Jeans, a K-pop rookie, brought a fresh change.”

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LE SSERAFIM was also named in both Rolling Stone’s “TOP 100 Best Songs of the Year” and NME’s “TOP 50 Best Songs of the Year”. Rolling Stone gave a favorable review, saying, “The chorus of ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ resonated in our ears all year round.” NME, which ranked “Impurities” at 44th place, said, “LE SSERAFIM knows that they can draw confidence from anywhere. They calmly declare that ‘flaws are the shining proof of life.'”


Rolling Stone said, “SEVENTEEN’s popularity has grown exponentially since the release of their 4th full album ‘Face the Sun’ this year. SEVENTEEN is a group that makes songs and choreography themselves, and ‘HOT’ is especially unique among the many hits on the album, including ‘CHEERS’ and ‘Darl+ing’.” 

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Regarding Jin’s “The Astronaut”, Rolling Stone introduced, “The lyrics of ‘The Astronaut’, which is a message to fans ahead of Jin’s enlistment, show how BTS makes fans feel sentimental.”


NME said about the song “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go” from TXT’s 4th mini album “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child”, “This bright and bouncy song presented by TXT’s synth-pop units Soobin, Beomgyu, and Taehyun makes you feel excited with its pleasant melody.”

Source: Daum

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