Four Memorable Lines from “The Good Bad Mother” that Bring Tears to the Audience

“The Good Bad Mother” has some extremely thought-provoking and tear-jerking dialogues.

The Good Bad Mother“, a drama about love and family relationships, is gaining love for its touching dialogues.

“A mother can replace everything in the world, but nothing can replace a mother.”

This statement holds true for all mothers, especially for Jin Young Seo (Ra Mi Ran). After her husband’s unjust death, she had to struggle to raise her grown-up son alone.

Originally, she always dreamed that her son, Kang Ho, would become an artist. However, due to the lingering traumas after her husband’s death, Young Seo wants her son, Choi Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun), to become a prosecutor. In order to achieve that, she decides to play the role of a “bad mother” and raise her child with “tough love”.


However, Kang Ho was harmed just because he wanted to seek revenge for his father. A car accident occurred, and Kang Ho lost his physical and intellectual abilities. He became a 7-year-old child in the body of a 35-year-old man.

While everyone sees Kang Ho as a fool, only Young Seo still believes that her son will return to his old self. That is the motivation for her to take care of him and help him recover, even though she herself is battling a deadly cancer.

“We have to stumble for an opportunity to see a world we have never seen before.”

This is a meaningful line by Young Seo. Obviously, everyone wants their life to go smoothly. However, failure also helps us discover a world we have never seen before.

For Choi Kang Ho, losing his memories and living with the mind of a child is a terrible ordeal. However, it is through this that he experiences happiness that he has never felt before, and it helps heal his wounded soul from growing up under the “tough love” of his mother.


Moreover, this is also an opportunity for him to find happiness with Lee Mi Joo (Ahn Eun Jin), a girl who loves him with all her heart, and with Seo Jin and Ye Jin, two children whom he didn’t even know existed before.

“Compared to allowing the child to smell like a pigsty, I would be even more ashamed to become a weak father who lets the bad guys do as they please.”

In “The Good Bad Mother,” the noble motherly love is emphasized the most. However, the fatherly love that Choi Hae Shik has for his son also shines.

Before Kang Ho was born, Hae Shik saved money to build a new house because he was worried that when his son went to school, he would be bullied by friends due to the smell of pig manure from the family’s farm. However, when he got involved in a lawsuit with Song Woo Byeok, he gave all that money to Oh Tae Soo with the hope that this prosecutor would make the perpetrator pay the price.


For Hae Shik, this not only means seeking justice, but also a way for him to show his love for his son. He wants Kang Ho to be proud of his father for fighting bravely instead of appearing weak and helpless in front of the wealthy but cruel people.

“Don’t let her know how much I love her. Don’t let her know why our love had to end in such pain.”

In Kang Ho’s life, there are two important women: his mother and Mi Joo. Young Seo, his mother, has sacrificed her whole life for Kang Ho, while Mi Joo is the girl who has given him all her youth.


For Kang Ho, Mi Joo is a warm ray of light that shines into his cold, dark life. But Kang Ho prays that Mi Joo will never know how much he loves her. He wants Mi Joo to gradually forget and erase his presence from her mind. Because in Kang Ho’s thoughts, only then will Mi Joo find true happiness.

Source: K14. 

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