A dancer suddenly fell down and had seizures on stage but the idol group still kept performing

Netizens had criticized this girlgroup for being too cold-hearted with the incident of their dancer on stage.

Recently, a video of SeeYa, a girlgroup that was T-Ara’s senior group from their previous agency Core Contents Media (now known as MBK Entertainment), has been unexpectedly recalled for a creepy incident. A female dancer who was dancing with SeeYa suddenly fell down and had such symptoms as convulsions.

“Crazy Love Song” – SeeYa (note from 1:35)
What made the netizens were so unpleased was that the idol group and the other dancers were not concerned with this incident at all. More than 20 seconds after the incident, another dancer went to the victim to check her situation as well some of the staff members came and carried her off the stage.
The netizens guessed that SeeYa still kept performing and didn’t care even just a little bit about the female dancer in distress because they were afraid of being caught red-handed from lipsyncing. This is considered to be a scary incident to many people.

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