Suho cried because fans are too stressed about achievements on music charts

Suho’s sharing made many people feel moved because of his warm-hearted concern for the fans.

Recently, Suho (EXO) had an online broadcast called “Suho’s Online Fan Meeting O2asis” to interact with fans. Amidst the pandemic situation, which is still tense, especially in Korea, idols all prioritize online fan meetings. During his live, he shared with fans a lot about his solo debut album “Self Portrait”.

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Notably, while talking to EXO-Ls (EXO’s fandom), he surprised everyone when he suddenly shed tears while sharing about his solo album. Some thought he might be crying because his solo achievements were not as expected, but the truth then made fans extremely touched by his utmost thoughtfulness.

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Specifically, he felt genuinely sorry for the fans because they have been stressed about his songs’ rankings on the charts. Although his solo achievements were not as good as EXO’s hits, Suho still did extremely well. Therefore, he could not help crying when thinking about his fans who helped him get those high rankings.

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Seeing fans being stressed out, pressured by the digital rankings, EXO’s leader emotionally shared that he wished he could make the fans happier, “the fans have had enough pressure because of me” and remembered how the fans were upset because “his songs rank lower than the position that he deserves”.

The male idol did not forget to thank EXO-L and said, “I want to go with the members and EXO-L for a long time. Every single EXO-L motivates me to stand on stage with my brothers and no longer have negative thoughts.”

At exactly 4pm KST on March 30, Suho officially made his solo debut with mini album “Self-Portrait” featuring the title song “Let’s Love”. He is the 4th member of EXO to go solo after Chen, Baekhyun and Lay. Like the album’s name, the teaser photos and music video feature many self-portraits.dr

In fact, from the title to the b-side tracks, every song in Suho’s album is truly  artistic, instead of a song that could become a hit like those that were “produced only for” for EXO before. Therefore, the results that he has achieved with the songs he personally participated in the production process is totally satisfactory.

Suho has also done promotions for his songs on weekly music shows. As expected from a multi-talented member of EXO, Suho captivated listeners with his sweet, warm vocals when singing to the title song “Let’s Love”.

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