Fortune Teller YouTubers Criticized For Saying Lee Hyo-ri Cannot Have Kids

Criticism is pouring out against YouTubers earning views by telling Lee Hyo-ri’s fortune.

Lee Hyo-ri revealed in a video on her personal YouTube channel on March 3rd, “Actually, my birthday is January 23rd of the lunar calendar,” adding, “My profile says it’s May 10th because it is the birthday on my ID. Now I really want to tell you my real birthday.”

As a result, the actual birthday of Lee Hyo-ri was finally revealed after 26 years since her debut. It was previously known as May 10.

lee hyori

In the video, Lee Hyo-ri is blowing candles on her birthday cake while wearing a princess item. Internet users are expressing their congratulations, saying, “Happy birthday,” “You must have been confused many times in daily life,” and “I’m glad to know your birthday” in the comment section.

As the fact was revealed, netizens celebrated her birthday and at the same time, there seems to be a flood of criticism against shaman YouTubers who made fortune-telling videos about the singer.

If you search “Lee Hyo-ri’s fortune” on YouTube, you can easily find numerous videos ranging from Lee Hyo-ri’s marriage luck to her wealth luck. There are also videos telling her “child luck” along with excessive words such as “I can’t see her having children,” “It’s hard for her to get a child,” and “I don’t think she will have a baby.”

Internet users are leaving comments such as “I heard her birthday is different,” and “I think you should look for Lee Hyo-ri’s real birthday first.”

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