Former Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin Takes a New Path as a Director, Showing Great Promise

Lai Guanlin shifts from acting to directing, garnering awards and accolades for his works

In 2019, after Wanna One disbanded, Lai Guanlin went back to China to pursue a career in acting. Following appearances in three dramas, Lai Kuan Lin took everyone by surprise when he decided to take on the role of a director.

As of today, Lai Guanlin has directed two short films, “Em Chu Em Nie Zi Bo” and “It’s Raining in Beijing.” Both of these movies have not only earned critical acclaim but also secured nominations and awards.

“Em Chu Em Nie Zi Bo” earned a nomination for “Best Film” at the Rome Independent Film Awards in Italy in 2021. Lai Guanlin brought home the “Best Director” award at a film competition held in June the same year.

“It’s Raining in Beijing” won the Special Prize for Best Short Film at the WSXA International Film Festival in Paris, marking a significant milestone in Lai Guanlin’s directorial career.

Lai Guanlin recently shared his journey in completing the film “It’s Raining in Beijing”, “In reality, I had finished editing the first version of this short film last year. I should have submitted it, but for some reason, I wasn’t satisfied with it, even though everyone said, ‘It’s fine, just like that.’ This made me lose a lot of sleep; for at least four months, I couldn’t sleep well.”

In a move that underlines his commitment to the art of filmmaking, Lai Guanlin has reportedly registered for the simulation exam of the Directing Department at the Beijing Film Academy, affirming his dedication to his newfound role as a director.

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