All About Giselle – The Only Japanese Member of aespa

Giselle (지젤) is a Japanese-Korean singer under SM Entertainment. She is a member of the famous girl group aespa.

Giselle (지젤)’s real name is Uchinaga Aeri (うちながえり), born on October 30th, 2000. She is a member of the famous girl group aespa under SM Entertainment. Below is a detailed article on Giselle’s profile – biography, career, and interesting facts about her.


Basic profile of Giselle

  • Birth Name: Uchinaga Aeri (うちながえり/우치나가에리)
  • Stage Name: Giselle (지젤)
  • Nationality: Japanese – Korean
  • Position: Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist
  • Birthday: October 30th, 2000
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 166 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight: –
  • Blood Type: O
  • Symbol: Crescent Moon ????
  • Animal: Unicorn
  • Number: 22

Giselle was a trainee at SM Entertainment for 11 months and possesses excellent Rap skills. She also appeared on stage with Taeyong, Jeno, Hendery, and Yangyang of NCT in the song “ZOO” from the album “2021 Winter Smtown: Smcu Express” in 2021. She also has a talent for impersonating others’ voices and is the first Japanese member in the company’s girl groups. Giselle’s father is Japanese and her mother is Korean, but she was born in Seoul and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Giselle can speak English, Korean, and Japanese. She auditioned for SM Entertainment in early 2020 with the song “Cherry Bomb” by NCT.

Giselle’s Personal Life


Giselle is the first Japanese member of SM Entertainment and of the girl group Aespa. She possesses stunning beauty with fair skin and captivating eyes. However, currently, she is still single and wants to focus all her time on developing her career. Additionally, Giselle has not disclosed any information about past or present relationships to the media. She has also never been involved in any dating rumors, whether in Japan or Korea.

The career journey and famous songs, MVs of Giselle

Giselle’s career journey before and after debuting with the South Korean girl group aespa has always been of special interest to fans. Specifically:

Before Giselle debuted with aespa

Before debuting with sespa, Giselle was trained at SM Entertainment for about 11 months. Additionally, during her training, she often wore a headband, leading her trainers to compare her to a British girl. This idea inspired her to come up with the elegant stage name “Giselle” for herself. Giselle was also a member of the St. Mary choir for 4 years, serving as an Alto.

Giselle debuted with aespa in 2020

aespa giselle

On October 28, 2020, in a video introducing the final lineup of aespa during a press conference, Giselle was revealed as a member of the group. She was officially announced as a member of aespa by the company on October 30. The group officially debuted on November 17, 2020, with their debut single titled “Black Mamba.”

Scandals/ Controversies

Upon SM Entertainment’s announcement of Giselle as aespa’s fourth member, she faced backlash, with some questioning her short training period and criticizing her appearance. Allegations surfaced online regarding her past, including claims of delinquency and substance abuse. However, a childhood friend defended her, attributing her lack of contact with Japanese friends to a busy schedule. The friend also dismissed party photos as manipulated. Concrete evidence supporting either side is yet to emerge.

Furthermore, Giselle’s family background has also become a hot topic on social media. Some users rediscovered a post showing renowned journalist Cho Joo Hee thanking her granddaughter named Aeri (matching Giselle’s real name) for sending a cake from Tokyo, Japan. The coincidence of name and location sparked rumors that Giselle is Cho’s relative, a significant figure in the Korean entertainment industry and a long-time rumored partner of the SM Entertainment chairman. This detail added fuel to the speculation that Giselle’s debut was facilitated by her family connection.


In October 2021, Giselle once again became the center of criticism when she became embroiled in a controversy involving racial discrimination. In a behind-the-scenes clip of aespa dancing and singing along to the song “Love Galore,” as the only one who knew the lyrics, Giselle casually sang along but failed to realize she sang a line containing the “N-word.”

Not long after one controversy, a topic about Giselle continues to attract attention on Korean social media. Netizens are debating a detail in a Vogue video where aespa visits New York at the Empire State Building. Giselle was seen holding her phone, looking down, and saying, “I would die if my phone drops.”

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