An actress had to retire after being gaslighted, verbally harassed, thrown things at by her male co-star on set

Former actress Heo Yi Jae recently spoke up on the actual reason why she had to retire.

Recently, Heo Yi Jae – a former actress under YG Entertainment appeared on Crayon Pop Way’s YouTube channel to share stories about her life and acting career for nearly a decade. Heo Yi Jae used to be a famous actress who has appeared in many hit dramas such as “Princess Hours” (2007), “A Boy Who is Walking in the Sky” (2006), “Single Dad in Love”. (2008),…

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Although her career was on the rise, Heo Yi Jae had to put an end to her passion and retire because of a male co-star whom she used to star in a drama with.

Yi Jae said, “I can’t tell you everything. He’s a married man. If I said his name, his family would be torn apart. But that’s the person who made me give up acting.

He was my romantic partner for a project. At first, he treated me very well. But one day he suddenly asked: “Yi Jae, why don’t you call me on your days off?”. We see each other every day, so I said, “We meet everyday and film together 20 hours a day, oppa”. When he heard that, he began to change his attitude. Onset, he even called her “b*tch” every day.

Then the director of the film also came to her and asked why the actor’s attitude had changed so much. She replied that she did not know. But the director said, “Because he’s interested in you, but you keep refusing. I think he’s trying to force you that way.”

She didn’t believe it, so she went to his room to talk. Seeing her, his voice suddenly became softer. He asked her: “Do you know what people say about our movie? They say we don’t look like a couple.” She said sorry and will try harder.

But he continued: “Do you know how to make male and female co-stars become closer? That is, they have to sleep together.” When she heard that, the older sister froze and didn’t know what to do. He asked, “You don’t want to do you?”, and I replied that I don’t want to.

Then he started to get mad, threw things at her, and yelled: “Then you better do it, you b****! I can’t concentrate on acting because of you! “.

Heo Yi Jae also shared that the terrible incident had a heavy impact on her psyche and she just wanted to end the drama as soon as possible. Even the actress was “gaslighting” and began to think that all the blame was hers.

In addition, when Way asked the actor if he was still active in the entertainment industry, Yi Jae replied, “Of course, his career is still good.” Yi Jae also privately revealed to Way the actor’s name and Way expressed regret, “Oh, I used to be a big fan of him.”

Heo Yi Jae’s last appearance was when she took on a role in the drama “You Are a Gift” in 2016.

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