Admirable bare faces of K-pop female idols

Even without any makeup on, these idols’ beauty still captivates fans.

Despite the excellent natural beauty of Korean female idols, not all of them can confidently show their bare faces. But when they do, the public can’t help falling in love with their natural beauty.

Karina Lisa
Female idols who have beautiful, flawless bare faces.

Famous for her top-tier beauty, Irene’s bare face is youthful and fresh. Even though she has reached the age of 30, the eldest member of Red Velvet still has smooth, white skin. Along with her glorious skin, her facial features also contribute to her luxurious beauty.

Irene’s youthful skin shows no sign of aging.

Once being criticized for her beauty, now Joy has become extremely beautiful. Her bare face is always an intriguing topic of discussion among netizens. Even when wearing no makeup, Joy still remains beautiful thanks to her baby skin. 

Joy’s bare face was also noticed by netizens. 

The appearance of the LE SSERAFIM girls has been of great interest to the public since they have just debuted recently. People said that their images on the teaser photos are completely different from those in real life. However, the criticism has been shut down since the girls posted a picture of their bare faces at Sakura’s birthday. 

The pure beauty of the LE SSERAFIM girls is of interest to the people.
The beauty on the controversial clip of the rookie girl group.

Since the very first days of her debut, Jennie has not hesitated to show off her flawless bare face in public. Jennie even created a stir when going on the encore stage with no makeup.

Blackpink Jennie
Jennie’s pure face through a selfie.
Blackpink Jennie
The public was shocked when Jennie put her bare face on stage.

Different from her fierce image on stage, Lisa’s bare face is extremely cute with big sparkling eyes that made fans speechless. Moreover, the Thai female idol even left her face bare on the show Real man 3.

Blackpink Lisa
Lisa’s sweet and lovely appearance.
Blackpink Lisa
Lisa’s sparkling eyes attract fans. 

To achieve this flawless skin, Mina revealed that she uses luxurious cosmetics. Without makeup, Mina’s beauty still makes fans flutter.

Miyeon’s delicate facial features are clearly shown when removing the makeup. 

Miyeon is known as one of the most beautiful idols in the 2nd Generation. The (G)I-DLE girl has such perfect facial features that even without makeup, she is still very radiant. She was once spotted at the airport without any makeup but she still shone brightly. 

Miyeon’s bare face at the airport.

Yujin is another rising beauty in the 4th generation. Her smooth skin is especially what makes people jealous. Thanks to her youthful appearance, the female idol has been hunted by many advertising projects. 

Yujin’s glowing skin makes many people admire. 

Since her debut with IVE, Wonyoung‘s popularity has spread more and more. As a familiar face with outstanding beauty, Wonyoung is loved and admired by many. No need for any heavy makeup, the harmonious facial features and top-notch charisma always help the female idol to look pretty regardless. 

Wonyoung’s lovely beauty when wearing no make-up. 

Karina‘s AI beauty without any makeup on also made many fans excited. Different from the strong, cold style on stage, Karina has a flawless face with shiny skin. Through her selfie photos, Karina exudes an aura that is both pure and innocent.

Karina’s admirable glossy skin. 
Without the makeup, Karina’s small face became more beautiful. 

In her debut days, Winter’s beauty did not attract much attention from the public. After a period of operation, she often posts photos of bare face, exuding cuteness and mischievousness. Many think makeup even makes her become old and lose her inherent beauty.

Winter is full of energy even after taking off the thick makeup on her face. 

The JYP female idol also did not disappoint fans. Yeji has smooth skin and harmonious facial features. Notably, with or without makeup, her beauty remains the same. 

Yeji’s bare face is not too different from when she wears makeup.

As beautiful and talented female idols, these girls never hesitate to show off their bare faces that can take any fans’ breath away.

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