Former T-ara member Han Ah-reum revealed to have severe depression that is enough to get mental treatments, “I’m really exhausted”

Han Ah-reum, a former member of girl group T-ara, is revealed to be suffering from severe depression.

In TVing’s program “Between Marriage and Divorce”, which was released on June 3rd, Kim Young-geol and Han Ah-reum, who are in the new space with worries about their marriage and divorce, visited a counselor for couples according to the given mission on the second day.

between marriage and divorce

The counselor analyzed, “Young-geol is an ESTP activist. You’re extroverted and he tends to pursue active feelings. You always enjoy things. You have leadership and if you try business marketing, you might do well. However, you believe everyone should follow your lead. You think the husband is the sky and the wife is the earth. On the other hand, Ah-reum, who is an ENFJ, thinks both are equal to each other. There are lots of people like this in the art world. If you two meet at work, there will be a bloody war. The wife is currently feeling more uncomfortable about the marriage life than the husband. And both are quite aggressive.”

between marriage and divorce

The two also confessed that they rarely had sex. Kim Young-geol said, “It’s not like I’m already satisfied but I don’t even think about it. At some point, I feel like my male hormone is dead. It’s been more than a month since the last time”. Han Ah-reum also said, “I don’t want to do it either, regardless of my emotions. I even feel more comfortable when sleeping alone.”

The counselor also commented, “Young-geol has stress disease. You can’t stand everything and is too impatient. Since you are always angry, when you get really angry, you will explode.” The counselor said “Ah-reum is also in a serious situation” then turned to Han Ah-reum and asked, “Are you having a hard time?”. Han Ah-reum replied, “I’m really exhausted.”

The counselor then expressed her concern, saying “The suicide rate for the wife turned out to be very high, which is at the level of depression that needs treatment in mental hospitals”, adding, “You’re so pessimistic and tired to the point that you want to die, or have recently tried, or are planning to do so, or have locked yourself in the bathroom and done something impulsive. Your intolerance is severe and the level of your unwillingness to live is so high.”

Han Ah-reum then confessed, “That’s right. I got goosebumps when you mentioned the bathroom. When I go to the bathroom, I can see tools first. I get scared of myself thinking ‘I think I can die using that thing’. I thought my pain would heal as time passed, but I think saying ‘It’s alright’ doesn’t make me feel better at all. As the stresses piled up, it exploded like that at some point.”

Kim Young-geol revealed his thoughts, “My wife had severe depression after childbirth. I knew it and tried to do something to help her in my own way. But in fact, I also suffered a hard time and had postpartum depression. I felt lethargic and hated everything. I even wondered ‘Why should I live like this?’. If it weren’t for my son… Since I think I have to take responsibility, I keep enduring everything.”

between marriage and divorce

Kim Gu-ra, who was following the story through the screen, said, “Han Ah-reum seems to have depression after childbirth. She has not reached the peak of her career but was only running toward her goals. In the meantime, she met her husband, so she stopped working. She has not been comforted by the decision, so of course, she will be depressed. It’s not like she’s spending a lot of money.”

between marriage and divorce

The two spent time talking about each other’s feelings over their emotional cards. The counselor advised them to use honorifics at first. They shared various things, such as about healthy sexual life. In particular, they emphasized the need to set a time for quarreling and thinking of the true reason for their fights.”

between marriage and divorce

After the consultation, Han Ah-reum said, “He said he only felt sorry in his marriage with me. I was about to cry when hearing that”. Kim Young-geol also expressed, “I felt a lot of things and learned about new things today. I think it was an opportunity for us to change something.”

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